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Keitech Sexy Impact 3.8" - Bold Bluegill

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The Keitech 3.8-Inch Sexy Impact was designed to duplicate the natural swimming action that drives predatory fish wild. The life-like swimming action is created by the perfectly tapered tale. Our dual-injection process allowed Keitech to create the perfect balance by injecting Low-Density material into the top section of the bait while simultaneously injecting High-Density heavy salt material on the bottom. The combination provides unbelievable action on the fall and following the slightest movement. The 3.8" has quickly become the drop-shot bait of choice. Bedding fish can't stand Miss Sexy. Texas rig and cast near the bed, aggressive strikes will follow. Teaming the Sexy Impact with the Keitech Shaky Football head and dragging slowly on the bottom produces Lunker size Smallmouth.

Note that the 3.8" Keitech Sexy Impact comes in a pack of 10

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