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Keitech Easy Shaker
Keitech Easy Shaker

Keitech is proud to announce the release of the New Easy Shaker. The ringed body distorts the image to a more natural appearance while the high flotation plastic compound allow the Easy Shaker to maintain a horizontal position when rigged on the drop shot. Slight rod movements and bottom undulations create a shivering action that mimics a struggling bait fish. The Easy Shaker excels on the Shaky head.

Keitech Easy Shaker

The 4.5" & 5.5" Easy Shaker is available in 10 colors: Green Pumpkin PP, Ayu, Bluegill Flash, Pro Blue/Red Pearl, Sexy Shad, Goby, Electric Shad, Morning Dawn, Pro Blue Shiner & Electric Bluegill

The "New" 3.5" Easy Shaker is now available in 5 great colors: Green Pumpkin, Ayu, Goby, Morning Dawn & Electric Bluegill

Keitech Easy Shaker Colors
Keitech Noisy Flapper
Keitech Noisy Flapper

Keitech gets "Froggy" with the New Noisy Flapper.The "Noisy Flapper" buzzing frog has tremendous kicking action - even at very slow retrieve speeds. Our Patented leg design is the key to this game changer. The sharp ribbed edges catch the maximum amount of water creating a furious buzzing action. The Noisy Flapper is extremely durable and casts like a bullet.

The NEW 3.5" Noisy Flapper is available in 9 colors: Black, White, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Okeechobee Craw, Green Pumpkin Frog, Watermelon Red Pearl, Black Red Berry, Lime Chartreuse PP, Green Frog

Keitech Noisy Flapper Colors
  • Deadly extremely-slow retrieve
  • Great for low light conditions, Weightless to help minimize splash
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
  • Salt impregnated with Strong Squid scent
  • The 3.5" Keitech Noisy Flapper have 5 baits per pack
Keitech Noisy Flapper
Keitech Swing Impact

The Keitech "Swing Impact" is now available in 2.5-inch and 4.5-inch versions. The Keitech Swing Impact is a proven Tournament winner. These versatile swimbaits now come in 6 great sizes to match any fishing conditions. Keitech's original two-tone color injection process uses different types of salted plastics to achieve better balance and action. The Swing Impact teamed with the Tungsten Super Round jig head and fished on the straight retrieve is our Pro-staff's 'go-to' bait.

  • Remarkable natural swimming action
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
  • Strong natural squid scent
  • Perfectly balanced - Never rolls over
  • Swims perfectly at any speed
  • The 2" Keitech Swing Impact have 12 baits per pack
  • The 2.5" & 3" Keitech Swing Impact have 10 baits per pack
  • The 3.5" & 4" Keitech Swing Impact have 8 baits per pack
  • The 4.5" Keitech Swing Impact have 6 baits per pack
Keitech Swing Impact
Keitech Crazy Flapper
Keitech Crazy Flapper

The Keitech Crazy Flapper is now available in 3 sizes (2.8", 3.6" & 4.4" inch). The "Crazy Flapper" can be Texas rigged, used on the Dropshot, and makes a great Jig trailer. Our Pro staff removes the tail segment and the appenages between the claws to create one of best jig trailers we have ever used.

Keitech Crazy Flapper

Incredible flappin’ arm adivtion The patented claws incorporates a revolutionary design which creates a wild flapping action. The claws and tentacles flutter following the slightest movement and require a much lighter weight to achieve maximum action. This allows the Angler to slow the fall rate, a big benefit when targeting pressured fish.

Keitech Crazy FlapperDurable body
The "Crazy Flapper" uses a specific blend of plastics to increase durability. This becomes a key feature when fishing heavy cover.

Keitech Crazy FlapperPackaging
No expense was spared to deliver the perfect action to our customers. The inner blister pack maintains the integrity of the baits. Available in lots of great fish catching colors, The Crazy Flapper is Keitech's newest addition to one of the most successful soft plastic lines available today.

Keitech Crazy Flapper Colors
  • The 2.8" Keitech Crazy Flapper has 8 baits per blister pack
  • The 3.6" Keitech Crazy Flapper has 7 baits per blister pack
  • The 4.4" Keitech Crazy Flapper has 6 baits per blister pack
Keitech Crazy Flapper

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