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Keitech FAT Swing Impact 7.8" - Sexy Shad

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The Keitech 7.8-Inch FAT Swing Impact is truly a Trophy Hunter's dream. Keitech's original two-tone color injection process uses several different types of salted plastics to achieve perfect balance and action. The most impressive feature of this great Super-sized swim bait is it's ability to maintain a perfect swimming motion at any retrieve speed. The tapered designed ringed body distorts the bait's image to a more natural appearance. The center rigging line provides the perfect position to ensure the bait is rigged correctly. The Fat Swing Impacts are blister packed to help protect the integrity of the baits.

 Big fish like big baits. Try rigging the Fat 7.8" on a 10/0 weighted swimbait hook. The Large profile allows the Fat Impact to push weeds and debris away from the bait while clenly coming through the thickest aquatic vegitatation. This "Big Guy" will be ultra effective when targeting Big Fish on Deep Ledges.

 This Large profile swimbait weighs in at almost 2oz. and even at this size it still has the most life-like swimming action on the market.

Note that the 7.8" Keitech Fat Swing Impact comes in a pack of 2

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