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Keitech Live Impact Worm 2.5" - Blue Fleck

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The Keitech Live Impact is a ringed body, fork tail, floating worm loaded with Keitech’s Strong Squid scent.

The Live Impact can be fished Texas rigged, with a Split Shot, on a Shaky Head, or even as a Jig trailer.

The high buoyancy ribbed body and subtle split tail design excel on the drop-shot rig, especially in current situations.

Wacky Jig head rigging on a Tungsten Mono or Fine Guard Jig head has been a tightly kept secret. This technique was developed in Japan over the last several years and has accounted for major tournament wins here in the states!

The New 2.5” & 3” add a whole new dimension of finesse. Try both NEW offerings as a Ned rig using the #2 Tungsten Super Round or Tungsten Mono Guard head.

Note that the 2.5" Keitech Live Impact Worm comes in a pack of 12

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