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New 4.5" & 5.5" Keitech Easy Shaker

by Mike Czaplinski

Available NOW! Keitech is proud to announce the release of the Keitech Easy Shaker. The ringed body distorts the image producing a more natural appearance while the high-flotation plastic compound allows the Easy Shaker to maintain it's horizontal position - great for drop shot fishing. Slight rod movements and bottom undulations create a shivering action that perfectly mimics the movements of a struggling bait fish. The Easy Shaker excels on the Shaky head.

The NEW 4.5" & 5.5" Easy Shaker is available in 13 colors: Green Pumpkin PP, Ayu, Green Pumpkin Chart, Silver Flash, Gold Flash, Bluegill Flash, Pro Blue/Red Pearl, Sight Flash, Sexy Shad, Electric Shad, Morning Dawn, Electric Baby Bass, Electric Bluegill. Both sizes of the Keitech Easy Shaker come with 10 baits per pack and retail for $4.49 per pack


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