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Keitech Salty Core Tube 4.25" - Black Blue

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The Keitech 4.25-Inch Salty Core Tube is durable, soft and heavy bait for shallow cover fishing. Packed full of salty attractant, the Keitech Salty Core Tube is a solid bodied tube bait with an enticing action and an alluring scent. Fished in the traditional Texas-rig fashion, the Salty Core Tube moves over rocks and through heavy cover with a dynamic swimming action that draws curious bass in for a closer look. When reverse rigged, the Keitech Salty Core Tube perfectly emulates feeding prey with its unique backsliding motion. Effortlessly gliding through the water, the Keitech Salty Core Tube is a bass-catching machine when it comes to pitchin', flippin', and skippin'.