Dealer Ordering Walkthrough

As a valued Keitech Dealer, our goal is to make your experience ordering and doing business with us as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

To that end, we have gathered this simple walkthrough of the Dealer Ordering Process on the Keitech website to guide you through this simple process.

  1. In the top right of the site, click on the My Account link/icon.

  2. Click on the Sign In button.

  3. Sign in with your Dealer account login credentials.

  4. In the top right of the site, once again, click on the My Account link/icon and this time click "Dealer Ordering". 

  5. You will be presented with the custom Dealer Ordering interface we've built for our dealers. This interface allows for much faster ordering (versus our standard ordering process) for the larger orders typically placed by our dealers. We will highlight some of the key features of the Dealer Ordering screen and how to place an order using it.

  6. There is a "Filter Results" menu at the top of the products list where you can filter your results by a product category. Simply click on the "Filter Results" menu and select the desired product category. The results will instantly update to only display products in the selected category.

  7. Our “Live” inventory adjusts after every completed order. This takes the guess work out of how many are in stock. Our systems have been updated to reflect this actual amount, if it’s not listed it is Out of stock.

  8. To add an item to your order/cart, enter the quantity in the textbox and Click "Add".To update the quantity of an item already in the cart, enter the new quantity in the textbox and Click "Update".

  9. If an item is unavailable, you will notice there is no "Add" button for that item.

  10. To update the quantity of an item already in the cart, enter the new quantity in the textbox and Click "Update".

  11. Once you've added all desired items to your order, click on the "Cart" or "Checkout" buttons at the bottom of the screen or in the Cart menu in the top right.

  12. In the cart, you can go "Back to the Dealer Ordering Form", update your quantities and click "Recalculate" or click "Proceed to Checkout" to finalize and submit your order.

  13. Once your order is correct, click Proceed to Checkout and complete the remaining steps.

  14. As always, if you need assistance placing your dealer order, we are here to help. We can be reached at 973-583-3375 or via our online contact form. Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to continue serving you.

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